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Our mission is to provide the highest quality in concrete products and services by continuously innovating to meet the construction needs of our customers.

Who we are now

Since 1985, Atco Concrete Products has grown to be the largest ready-mix facility in Aruba. Our commitment to supply superior quality in products and in customer service remains our highest priority.

To reflect our ever-evolving offerings, Atco Concrete Products has proudly revitalized its brand to APEX. APEX is now home to 6 brand products, each representing a pillar of premium construction materials on the island: Cement, Blocks, Concrete, Pavers, Aggregates, Hollow Core.

This strong portfolio of time-trusted, high-quality products perfectly reflects the new APEX name and our dedication to taking our clients’ projects to the highest level.


Local and qualified professionals, who are determined in providing the most superior quality service and products available on the island, are experienced and knowledgeable in everything that we do.

We are all about motivation in getting all of your projects done the right way with the proper superior quality materials. We are moving forward with pride in the name of superior progress, for the well being of our company and our community.

Company timeline

ATCO Opened its first ready-mix facility.
The old block facility was replaced with a high-tech fully automated block and paver plant capable of producing 3 times the volume of the previous facility but including pavers and specialty blocks
ATCO unveiled its New state-of-the art Rekers Block Plant at Barcadera.
ATCO Concrete Products NV upgraded the existing batch plant into a Stetter’s Vertical Concrete Mixing Plant, which has a state-of-the-art mixing technology and it is the first to be installed in the Caribbean and South America.
ATCO Concrete Products NV set to maximize efficiencies with a Waste Recycling Plant.
ATCO Concrete Products poured a foundation of over 1.000m³ in 24 hours.
ATCO Concrete Products has revitalized its brand to APEX
ATCO expanded its activities with a Block Production Facility.
ATCO is ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 Certified.
ATCO is now ATCO Concrete Products NV.The division Atco (ready-mix, block and paver production) is now an independent company within Metacorp named Atco Concrete Products N.V.
ATCO Concrete Products NV has a new Cement Silo.To continue with our vision for improvement, creating a cleaner workspace, cleaner environment altogether, improving the consistency and availability of cement, a new silo was necessary.
• ATCO Concrete Products is ISO 14001 Certified

• ATCO Concrete Products invested in a state-of-the-art conveyor belt system.
• ATCO Concrete Products unveiled the APEX Packing plant.

• ATCO Concrete Products introduced APEX Cement in Aruba.
Apex introduces its new product: Hollowcore and officially opens the new production plant for this new product