A fully automated batch plant with a capacity of approximately 96 m3 per hour is open daily from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM non-stop from Monday to Friday to service all clients during normal working hours. We are, however, flexible in working hours and are often enough requested for special projects to work outside our normal working hours, on weekends and holidays. For home- and other building projects we have standard mix designs available recommended by the architects and required by Public Works for use in the different stages or parts of the construction. These mix designs are labeled in the European quality standard (NEN) and are as follows:

C12/15 Chips : mainly used for decorative floors and other low load bearing construction.
C16/20 : mainly used for house a/o fence foundation.
C16/20 Chips : mainly used for house ground floor, garage floor, small columns.
C20/25 : mainly used for house or building foundations, ring beams, roads, parking spaces
C20/25 Chips : mainly used for house ground and 2nd floor, small columns.
Shotcrete : mainly used for swimming pools.
C30/37 and up : used for high strength concrete types.

We have many other mix designs that have been developed for special purposes or require higher strengths for specific needs.

C : stands for Concrete
The first number : stands for the characteristic strength in cylinder
The second number : stands for the characteristic strength in cube (compression test).

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When products and services conform to international standards, consumers can have confidence that they are safe, reliable, and of superior quality. We believe and stand firmly behind being a sustainable and social corporate responsible company. The maintenance of these standards are part of the vital objectives of our business.